WordPress Webmaster; What is it, what does it do and how to hire one?

If you really want to get results with your WordPress website, you need to hire a Webmaster, yes or yes: a professional who understands that your website is the soul of your company and helps you conquer your audience, but how to choose well? Here I tell you what a WordPress Webmaster does and why you need one ASAP!

Despite what you may hear out there, immersed in the fashion of DIY (do it yourself), Webmasters do not go out of style, they evolve and are most necessary!

WordPress Webmaster;  What is it, what does it do and how to hire it?

Their tasks before were limited to making a web page look good and be functional but, with the constant changes in the way of searching on the Internet, the boom of online companies and the priority of providing a pleasant experience to users, a good Webmaster requires various skills and to be able to do ‘the magic’ so that a WordPress page looks perfect, is attractive, works and is positioned perfectly in search engines. Yes, it is a most complete job!

Not all professionals who offer web design and maintenance services are efficient Webmasters. This is because, nowadays, it is not enough to design and maintain a page, in WordPress, but rather you have to be, in a certain way, an SEO and web positioning consultant , be at the forefront of SEO and give users what they ask for and be aware of the recommendations of a WordPress web design and development company , that’s why you should hire the best Webmaster!

If your business still cannot penetrate your audience, perhaps it is because your Webmaster, if you have one, has not been able to connect with your potential customers, because he is the bridge that should connect you with them.

In our company, we are not only dedicated to designing them, but we take care of giving the correct maintenance, improving and updating your WordPress website so that it stands out in your niche, and does not eat the red lights of Google and other search engines.

If your page works on WordPress, you will need a WordPress Webmaster, not just any Webmaster. I have created this post to explain what a Webmaster does and how to choose the right WordPress Webmaster to help you get your business online as soon as possible.

What is a WordPress Webmaster?

A Webmaster is a multifaceted professional , yes, he does everything!

To understand its importance, you must get out of your head that idea that the Webmaster is a person who designs your WordPress website and keeps it running. Although it does that, there are many more benefits to hiring a Webmaster. You can’t imagine it!

A Webmaster takes care of everything that has to do with your WordPress website; from its design and functionality to content tracking and marketing strategies.

The way to search, the functionality, the design, the innovation, the way of interacting, the ease of navigation, the type of content and SEO positioning of WordPress , as well as marketing strategies, are just some of the tasks that today make a Webmaster, because this is in charge of everything that has to do with your WordPress website.

If you have a WordPress website, an expert WordPress Webmaster is in charge of keeping your business up to date; of WordPress updates, as well as plugins and templates (themes), optimized content, download and installation of tools or plugins , loading speed, etc. This person plans and executes the necessary actions so that your WordPress website is optimized for search engines and so that your users find what they are looking for in an organized, fast and attractive way.

I would say that Webmasters are sometimes like guardian angels – not wanting to spiritualize the subject (laughs)! – that we take care of ensuring the health of our client’s page and, when it is in danger, with our magic we can heal it and even revive it.

What are the skills and knowledge of a Webmaster?

As I have already been telling you, a Webmaster is not a person who only enters codes, programs and designs a website. There are many skills and knowledge that Webmasters have, especially because, in my opinion, this profession requires continuing to learn every day and having an open mind and brain for changes.

If you know a little about the subject, it is clear to you that Google has greatly changed the way of searching and providing answers to the searches of its users. Well, these ‘simple’ changes, which we call updates, Mr Google usually makes them whenever it wants, which means that we Webmasters start running and immediately we have to make ‘improvements’ in the web pages and even make changes WordPress internals on our clients’ web pages.

Each new algorithm, each update, each new parameter, each new metric and each new program that comes out on the market makes us learn, study, investigate and test , which means that our skills expand, our knowledge is renewed and increased and, by Therefore, it is also improving our way of managing a website in WordPress.

In general, a Webmaster must know and manage the HTML, Ajax and Java programming languages .

The Webmaster must be expert in WordPress, but also have web design and layout skills, and understand search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, and content marketing strategy.

I would say that being able to handle these issues, apply them and include them in a whole when creating and managing a web page, make an expert WordPress Webmaster a complete professional, at the forefront, efficient and that promises good results.

If you just hire someone to design a website for you and check it every time there is a technical problem, you are missing out on a lot of benefits! And you are probably wasting your money. Look for a complete Webmaster ! Someone who takes care of all these important aspects of your company and is committed to giving you more than just a beautiful and functional website.

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By the way, I don’t want to close this thread without telling you that, although you really only need a Webmaster to finalize technical aspects of your WordPress website, because you already have an SEO and digital marketing team in your company, that doesn’t mean that your Webmaster should limit himself to only modify the WordPress page and improve it.

A good Webmaster has knowledge of SEO and will know what type of organization of content, graphics, colors, etc., can be more effective for you to achieve your goals on the Internet. Not having a Webmaster with this knowledge could leave him free to design what you ask of him, even when this is not convenient for you or vital to help position your web page. You understand me? A Webmaster who knows about SEO, content and marketing will be able to create a better website for your business.

Services offered by a WordPress Webmaster

I think you must already have a clear idea about the important role that a Webmaster plays in your business, right? Well, this is applicable to any type of language or web page developer, so it is time to explain exactly what services a WordPress Webmaster offers you.

Maintenance of your WordPress

Ongoing maintenance of a WordPress page is important. In fact, this is the second task that consumes the most time for a WordPress Webmaster because, with maintenance, he can detect if there are errors in the code of your web page, if there are security problems with your WordPress (such as hacking or malware), if there are broken links, fine.

Do not be one of those who create a page in WordPress and forget about it, because you always have to review it, update WordPress and plugins and make sure that the loading speed is as expected and that the web page is compatible with all search engines. and all navigation devices.

Test and troubleshoot

In the previous point I told you that maintaining your WordPress page is vital for its operation. Well, it is not enough to maintain it and detect problems, but you have to apply solutions and even do tests in search of improving those failures.

The WordPress Webmaster will be in charge of testing various options until he finds the one that works best and suits you best.

In addition, if users have left suggestions and comments regarding the website’s malfunction, your Webmaster will be able to verify if there really is a problem and thus give an answer to your audience.

Web programming

Another pillar that helps keep your WordPress website healthy and strong is programming. Your Webmaster will plan everything related to programming to create a great web page, which is attractive and has the necessary texts, images and other means.

People always think that because they have a WordPress website they don’t need to have a professional programming it, but programming is part of the day-to-day of any web page , whether in HTML, Javascript, CSS or PHP.

Also, this scheduling stuff includes WordPress update, theme update, and plugin update, three totally different things, and what about security-related issues! One of the reasons why there are continuous WordPress updates is because there are “holes” in the security issue, and each update is to cover them and prevent third party access to your website.

What else will your Webmaster do? It will take care of making backup copies when applying the updates and will execute actions to protect your website and make it more secure .

Web design and functionality

A Webmaster will be in charge of designing a modern, neat and attractive WordPress page for you , but at the same time functional and that serves to achieve the objectives of your brand.

What I am saying is that you will not only be sure that your website will be operating correctly, but that it will be very profitable and will achieve your goals as a company, such as sales, if that is your goal, or to get more readers, if you have a blog. .

WordPress web pages, although generally understood as open source templates that are ready to use, also need customization, and that is the task that your expert WordPress Webmaster will do for you.

WordPress Development

Webmasters love to develop new projects, features and test things and new WordPress plugins on a web page.

Remember, having an attractive website means being innovative and testing options until you hit the nail on the head with what works best for your business. You can illustrate your ideas and your Webmaster will take care of making them come true and adapting them to your type of niche.

So you will always have someone attentive to your WordPress demands to work their magic and make them come true.

Choice of hosting and server maintenance

Hiring a quality web hosting hosting server is vital for your website to be secure and work properly. Therefore, your Webmaster is also responsible for choosing a hosting and being aware of the server , to avoid headaches with security issues and for your page to work optimally.

A serious Webmaster will not work with web hosting companies of dubious reputation, knowing that your website could be hacked by WordPress with a virus or malware , even from other web pages that are on the same hosting server.

In fact, there are some hosting that include, within their functionalities, WordPress plugins that help monitor if there is malware on your website or detect other types of problems. But, best of all, is that you do not have to take care of all this matter, but this work is part of your much appreciated Webmaster,

Marketing and SEO strategies

As a Webmaster that I am, I believe that marketing and SEO Marketing is a very fascinating part of a web page.

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For me, when a good marketing plan and SEO get positive results, this is the soul of the web, and it tells me that the web design and development have done their job. I explain? What is the point of a structurally fantastic and modern page if it does not bring benefits to the company? None! That is why it is worth understanding web design as an important part of Internet marketing and search engine optimization, and vice versa.

If a digital marketing campaign works, it is because the structure and design of the web are also liked, and are attractive to the audience. If SEO actions leave optimal results, it is because web design has also done its part.

Checking broken links, installing and uninstalling plugins, optimizing the WordPress database, improving loading speed, among other things, is part of the internal work that a Webmaster does on your website, but it will be reflected in the marketing and SEO performance of it.

Webmaster, the one who knows everything!

Since your WordPress Webmaster takes care of everything related to your website, who knows the most about your website? Well him! It is a kind of launch engineer who knows what works best for your page , which plugins are helpful and which are not, what is the history of your site, what other configuration should be implemented, how content marketing works and many, many others. things that he, for being the one who created her and has taken care of her, understands better than anyone.

Make your Webmaster a support column to push your company online and make it appear at the top of search engines.

Believe it or not, with the right professional, you could make your page scale quickly, and scale correctly; yes, you must hire the right company or Webmaster.

What services does a WordPress Webmaster offer?

What price does it cost to hire a WordPress Webmaster?

We have reached the moment of truth, some would say. It makes me laugh how they have demonized a bit the issue of hiring web maintenance, online marketing and SEO services. It’s amazing what one gets to hear in this job!

As I have told you that a WordPress Webmaster is a person with many skills and knowledge who is in charge of making your business shine, what a great value it has! But, does that mean that a large part of your budget is going to go to pay a Webmaster? Of course not!

The great thing about this job is that there are all kinds of plans and options that suit all pockets and, serious Webmasters, we only charge for what we do on your website, not that inflating rates for jobs that are not executed! , as some rascals do!

What I am trying to make clear to you is that when it comes to assessing the price for the maintenance of your WordPress website , keep in mind that performance and cost are a binomial, they go hand in hand in this work.

Statistics reveal that an hour of work by a Webmaster on your WordPress website ranges between 30 and 50 euros.

This option is ideal in case you have a punctual need for WordPress web technical support service .

But it may be better for you to choose a web maintenance and update plan that also covers aspects of marketing and SEO positioning, and pay only for what is done periodically.

The rate of a Webmaster, depending on the type of service plan you choose, costs between 100 and 300 euros per month.

If you take a look, on our website we have many plans that adapt to you . But if you prefer, contact us and we will prepare a personalized work proposal, where all your needs are included and where we start by analyzing your business to give you options and thus direct a fabulous plan, which will turn your website into an irresistible site.

Do you really need a Webmaster?

Having a WordPress Webmaster can make your life easier. If you have never had one but are considering it, then it is a good start, as it means that you have understood that your website, like a car, needs maintenance and will present small glitches from time to time. It is so and we must accept it as soon as possible.

Following the car analogy, think of it this way: what happens if I don’t change the oil and filter regularly? Or if I notice that the wheels are worn and I don’t change them? There are many scenarios! And the same thing happens with a web page.

Hiring a professional Webmaster will make you:

  • Avoid major evils and prevent errors in the operation of your business on the Internet.
  • Prioritize actions in your content marketing and digital marketing plan in general.
  • Improve graphic aspects of your website.
  • Devise new strategies to achieve a better return on investment.

Do not see a Webmaster as an “expense”, but as an investment that could give you much more than money: a brand with authority and a business positioned in your sector, with a good ranking by Google and that improves the user experience every time. time. Yes, all this translates into money!

Questions before hiring a professional to maintain your Word-Press website

Questions before hiring a WordPress Webmaster

It’s time to hire! But who to hire? You already know everything a WordPress Webmaster can do for you, so you just have to make sure you hire the most suitable one. Almost nothing! (laughs)

Interviewing potential candidates is very important. Many complain that they fell into the hands of scammers, but the fault is not entirely with these liars, but also with whoever hired them, because he did not do his job correctly.

You have to get answers, all that you consider necessary, before hiring a Webmaster. Remember, it’s your money, it’s your business, it’s your interests, so ask as many questions as you want before choosing a winner.

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Here I leave you a series of questions that are basic when hiring a Webmaster. Do not skip them so that you get the best professional and guarantee a great job on your WordPress website.

You are a WordPress Webmaster, is your website in WordPress?

Here there is no place for that of ‘ at the blacksmith’s house, stick knife’ . Not at all! If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then that is not your ideal Webmaster.

It should be logical that if you are an expert in this type of web pages , that yours is in WordPress.

If the answer is ‘yes’, take a look at their website, which should be their best example of a job well done, and evaluate it to see if it is attractive and functional, so you know if it is what you are looking for.

Who have been your previous clients?

Good fame is important. Just like when you hire someone and review their resume and ask about their previous jobs, it is important that you ask the candidate what other websites they have created and/or managed.

If they are a responsible person they will be very happy to provide you with a list of all their ‘satisfied’ customers.

In addition, take the opportunity to also ask how long you have been managing other web pages in WordPress. If it’s less than a year, skip it!

What kind of technologies and programming does it handle?

Do not forget that a professional Webmaster must have a lot of knowledge and handle with ease, at least, advanced programming in HTML, CSS, Javascript and above all, PHP , even if you only need WordPress implementation today.

You must hire someone who is multifaceted and knows all possible technologies, languages ​​and codes. Trust me, this will add to your business sooner rather than later.

How do you handle security problems on a website?

An efficient Webmaster should be able to explain to you, in a simple way, how they will keep your WordPress website secure and not compromise the security of your customers or their data.

In these times malware attacks and identity theft (phishing) abound, so you can not afford to ignore this topic when interviewing your future Webmaster.

If I hire you, do we make a written and signed contract?

Isn’t this logical? Well no! You have no idea of ​​the people who have agreed to work on their website with the Webmaster by word of mouth, and have even given money in advance, and have been scammed.

So that you watch your back, make sure you have a contract with your Webmaster where everything is very clear: the rates, the working time, the actions that will be executed on your website, the payment method and any other aspect that you consider necessary to keep accounts clear and avoid any scare.

What is the rate as a WordPress Webmaster, the cost per hour and any extras?

This point is undoubtedly one of the most important. You must make sure that the WordPress Webmaster is clear and honest about their fees, to avoid possible disappointment and that it ends up costing you more than you expected.

As you are going to interview several candidates, write down how much each one charges and do not hire the first one, neither because it is cheaper, nor because it charges you more by promising villas and castles.

Be prudent and find a candidate who is committed to your business and offers you good value for money.

Can you give me an action plan for my business?

This question is to find out what he offers, what innovative ideas the candidate has, what interesting proposals he could give you.

Obviously, do not expect a perfect diagnosis of your business in an interview, but if your candidate is a professional Webmaster, with good experience and great knowledge, he will be able to devise a quick action plan so that you know how he will begin to direct your website.

The candidate could tell you about hosting, the security of your WordPress site, how to improve the WordPress website and marketing, what SEO web positioning strategies to implement, how to improve the user experience, etc. Stay tuned and expectant about it, you might be surprised!

Conclusion: if you are “serious” on the Internet, WordPress Webmaster, yes or yes!

Much is said about how easy it is to manage a WordPress website, but few are realistic about how strategic you have to be to make it work and position it in web search engines.

If your business has not been able to scale on the Internet, despite having a very modern page with interesting content, it may be because you do not have a WordPress Webmaster.

This professional will help you improve the performance of your business and apply strategies so that you achieve your goals and improve your profits. It is not that you are going to hire a “Cupid” to make you fall in love with Google overnight, but you will have someone committed to your goals and who will know how to focus and direct their SEO and marketing plans, and you will see how climb positions in your niche day by day .

I hope you echo this article and share it on social networks, because there are people who do not know how to start improving their business on the internet, let’s help them! Below you will find a simple form, which you can fill out to let us know your concerns and leave us your comments. And so we can contact you!

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