Why do we need Plastic Surgery Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, social media has taken the place that Television held for decades. Before the internet, people would come home from school or work and turn on the television to watch their favorite shows. But now, everyone has a favorite social media account where they spend most of their free time. Around 88% of adults use 7.6 different social media accounts on average every day. This means that social media marketing can provide us with millions of potential customers.

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Why use plastic surgery social media marketing?

Traditionally, plastic and cosmetic surgery practices relied heavily on word of mouth, referrals, and practice websites. But now is the time that cosmetic surgery practices should transition towards social media, as there has been a 17% drop in the practice website traffic. We know that people spend hours of their days watching influencers on social media, so if we market plastic surgeons as influencers, we can get a solid fan base. The interactive nature of social media allows you to engage with your target audience effectively.

Potential clients want plastic surgeons who they feel that they know and can trust. Displaying your craft and expertise on social media platforms allows you to reach potential customers exactly where they are- looking at their screens.

Social media allows you to target the exact people that can become your potential clients. A tactical social media presence allows the perfect potential client to familiarize with you and then helps convert these potential clients to actual customers.

Social media allows you a space where you can share interesting and valuable information that will educate potential customers and encourage them to engage with your business. The primary focus should be to peak their interest, and you want them to ask questions and to grow your fan base by sharing the content. The chronic and flagrant promotion will turn off followers (your focus is to look for answers to their questions, not pitches about your products and cosmetic procedures), your social media channels allow you to provide the information the customer wants and needs so that their questions are answered while showcasing your expertise.

The most important and useful aspect of social media is the emotional connection that it builds between a customer and the clinic. This connection develops a sense of loyalty on the customers’ part, which can be translated into increased revenue for the practice. 

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How to do Plastic and cosmetic surgeon social media marketing? 

Build a Plan

Without a proper plan, we can not hope to gain any profits. So, a refined strategy is absolutely crucial for a successful social media campaign. Each aspect of the campaign should be well thought out, and the overall scope of the campaign should be comprehensive. 

Build an Online Presence

There are more than a dozen social media platforms, and people get a variety of information from each of them, so it is imperative to have a presence on all of the major platforms. Currently, the major platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Each platform is different in its functionality, so the content should be catered for the respective platform.

Currently, Instagram is the most used of all these platforms, so an Instagram presence should be the priority. The Instagram audience is more into your personality and your products, so you should show your day-to-day routine and any product line that you have. The posts should have very catchy images with a really interesting caption. You can broadcast your clinic routines and your personal lives.

Facebook content should be kept more formal. You can share your before and after pictures or your customer reviews. The posts should be kept brief and to the point.

Twitter should be used to make announcements, like a change in schedule.

Youtube gives you the opportunity to provide information to your clients. So you should publish videos where you explain certain a procedure or skin care routines. Tutorials on how to use your products should also be posted on youtube.

Snapchat is the most easy-going of all these platforms. So the content should be more interactive, like question and answer sessions and interviews.

Social media platforms should also be employed to implement a targeted ads campaign, which will increase the clinic’s online presence.

Make Engaging Content

Social media is not like a billboard, it is an interactive system, so you want to listen to your followers and use their input. This will help you design your services so you can cater to the needs of your clients. This will also improve your social media content and marketing campaign. To achieve this, you can use QnA sessions, polls, and reading comments.

Provide Information

The thing that most prevents people from going to a plastic surgeon is misinformation. Myths like “Botox is toxic,” “Plastic surgery requires a long, painful recovery,” and “You will regain fat back after liposuction” are really detrimental to the profession of plastics surgery. So clinics should provide videos where they educate people about these myths and other subjects. This is a very efficient way of promoting your practice in a more personal manner. Clinics should also publish videos of preventative habits, and this will help in earning the trust of the customer and developing a long-lasting relationship. 

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Client Testimonials and Reviews

Before getting a membership to a specific gym, you would always read its reviews online to get to know if it is worth the money you are spending. Similarly, customers will always read your clinic’s reviews before booking an appointment. This makes the importance of positive reviews paramount. So whenever you see a positive comment or review about your product and services, you should give a short response. This will show your appreciation and awareness. But your reply should not be the same every time, as it would seem obnoxious.

Seeing is believing. People are most convinced when they see someone vouching for you with their own eyes, and this makes the presence of client Testimonials absolutely essential. Customers should be encouraged by giving a special discount for giving a testimonial.

Unfortunately, skepticism about online reviews has grown. Customers think that the clinics are paying people to upload bogus reviews. To win their trust back, some sort of third-party verification procedure should be in place.

Offer Promotions and Giveaways

The old-school promotions should never be forgotten. Promotion of the week should be brought where customers get a mix of services and products should be given for a reduced price. 

Everybody likes free stuff. So giveaways should also be incorporated in the promotional program. A post should be uploaded where the giveaway is advertised, and then a random customer should be picked to get the reward. These sorts of promotions should be carefully thought of and should look professional. The item to be given away should not be perishable and should be useful for the customer, like a phone.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs should be offered to long-time customers. Repeat customers bring a lot of business to the clinic, initially by buying services for themselves and then by bringing other customers by spreading word of mouth. These loyal customers are like obsessed fans of a Hollywood actor; they promote you wherever they go. So they should be rewarded by giving them special discounts and offers. This will also encourage new customers to keep using your services so they can also get the benefits of the loyalty program.

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Social media also greatly enhances your communication and customer dealing. Throughout your cosmetic surgeon’s social media channels, surgeons and their staff can efficiently communicate best medical practices, at-home care, preventative care, and the appropriate procedures to those in need. Within your social media following, you can control your patient communication by answering private, one on one questions for patients as well. This improves your brand communication and streamlines the process of building a medical practice filled with loyal patients.

  • The clinic receives the following benefits from having a social media presence:
  • The opportunity to get new patients increases.
  • The brand awareness of your clinic increases.
  • A better elation with the customer is built.

Clients are kept up to date with any new development at the clinic.

Any plastic surgeon clinic looking to optimize the revenue from a social media campaign needs to post new content daily. The content should be kept relevant to the campaign, and it should also be high quality and engaging.

Remember the reason why the social media marketing campaign for plastic surgeons is so important — to make money!

Frequently Asked Questions

How social media promotes plastic surgery?

In social media marketing, we use multiple platforms to create profiles that engage the target audience by providing useful information, giving a glimpse of your practice, and building a trustful relationship.

Why social media is transforming plastic surgery?

It lets your prospective patients get familiar with your services, envision your artistry, and get to know you as an organization without having to visit you in person.

Who is the target audience for plastic surgery?

The target audience for plastic surgery is people aged between 18 and 60 who want to improve any imperfection or just want to look younger.

What are social media marketing examples?

There are numerous examples of social media marketing, but one very similar to our case is that of Dr. Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski. He uses his social media accounts, especially Instagram, to reach new customers and improving his brand image.

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