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Improve the SEO ranking for your Shopify site, rank yourself and increase the visibility and sales of your business.

Did you set up your store with Shopify and not receive visits? Surely you think you are in the wrong niche. Don’t worry, nothing happens, it’s just that there are countless websites like yours, learn how to improve Shopify’s SEO to stand out among them.

Today, Shopify is one of the best CMS or content managers for e-Commerce platforms. Ideal to offer your products, services, or solutions in a practical and effective way on the Internet.

However, achieving positive traffic and sales depends on the ease with which your customers find your website in the SERPs. That is, the higher up in the search engines, the better.

51% of buyers say – in a survey – that they use Google to search for information about a purchase they plan to make online, so the idea is that your store appears in the first places of search.

SEO Tips to Rank Your Shopify Store in 2020 - Vividreal

It is no longer enough to build a page, you must also know about SEO ranking and there is a special one for Shopify.

How To Improve Shopify SEO: What You Need To Know

Here we explain all. We have put together a guide on how to improve Shopify SEO with the most important steps to optimize your website.

Let’s see!

1. Optimize the structure of your Shopify site

How to Structure an eCommerce Website for SEO – 4 Key Steps - Business 2  Community

Simplify the organization of content to make it easier to navigate your website. The fewer clicks the user must make to reach the purchase of your product, the better.

In a simple structure, only two steps are needed for your potential buyers to find what they are looking for from the home page.

You should also make it easier for search engines to crawl.

Always think in terms of your users. Apart from these pages, add one that talks about your business and another with contact details. Similarly, it is recommended to include a search field or box.


2. Improve the user experience

The user experience is that moment in which the user interacts with a product. And whose result can make you win, retain or lose a customer?

9 tips to improve user experience - 99designs

And, in addition, it helps the classification of your site in search results or SEO ranking. Therefore, you must control the following parameters:

  • Your site must have the required speed that allows accessibility and ease of navigation in your store.
  • Occupy templates with compatible themes for mobile phone interface. Optimize images, remove unnecessary plugins and apps that are not in use, and use lightweight navigation controls.
  • It uses a design adaptable to each type of screen, called responsively. This will allow your users to more quickly identify the interface from any device. And that your browsing time is better used.

3. Research the right target keywords to improve SEO rankings

The general term used for this research is keyword research and to carry it out there are different processes and applications that ease the work since it is somewhat exhaustive.

First, make a list of those words, terms, or concepts related to your customers. Those with which they identify your product.

8 free keyword research tools for SEO (that beat their paid alternatives)

Then, analyze this listing with keyword research tools to get the actual search volume data.

In this case, there are paid and free tools, such as SEMrush, and the Google Ads word planner, among others.

Prepare the list with their respective volumes in an Excel document and select those that you consider most important for your site, avoiding the cannibalization or repetition of terms that compete on your own website.

Select and organize your listing into informative or general keywords. Finally, prepare a separate list with the long-tail keywords that help you to specialize and differentiate from the more generic ones.


4. Perfect your Shopify product pages

Start with those pages that are most profitable for your business. If you don’t have a track record in the market yet and you’re just starting out, then focus on the home page.

Then check those that have already received more visits and interactions. Along with those with the most requested products and keywords by your users.

Get a FREE Product Page Template for Divi's Furniture Store Layout Pack |  Elegant Themes Blog

Another action to improve Shopify SEO is the optimization of category title tags. That is, how are you going to name the pages of your site. Use your keywords consistently. For example:

Keyword 1 – Shop Keyword 2 – Store Name

Don’t forget to optimize titles, meta descriptions, categories, and alt text for images.

5. Create links to your site

SEO External Links Service in New Delhi by Turnout Media Private Limited |  ID: 21376741155

Get external links a strategy that builds trust and credibility. To obtain them there are various sources such as:

  • Links from suppliers or manufacturers that link to your store.
  • Influencers or representatives of your field with whom to interact and generate content.
  • Detect broken links of similar services or products that harm SEO. Contact your owner for repair and get a feedback link.

6. Work with content marketing

Generate quality content that, more than selling, explains the benefits, sales, and uses of your products. Let the user experience when using your product count, as well as the opinions of those who have already used it.

7. Use the best Shopify SEO apps and tools

The Shopify platform includes tools to improve SEO ranking. Among them are plugins in SEO, Smart SEO, and SEO Image optimizers.

Use them and maximize the power of e-Commerce with Shopify.

Ready! You already have all the necessary steps to place your store in the SERPs. Follow the steps on how to improve Shopify’s SEO.

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