SEO for lawyers: Guide to attracting clients online with your firm’s website

seo for lawyers

“ We have started working with another SEO agency and we have been losing clients for a few months ”.

This was broadly the message that Eva and Alejandra sent us.

They are labor lawyers and jointly run the firm A&E Abogados in Madrid.

Both were very clear that being on the Internet is important, and that is why they had decided to hire an agency to help them rank themselves on Google.

But things turned out the other way around.

Instead of getting more customers every day, they were losing them. 

They were not very clear about what was wrong, but they knew that this agency was not giving them adequate service. That is why they decided to turn to us to try to reverse the situation.

And did we get it?

Well, not only have they recovered the sales they lost, but they have even continued to grow since then.

If you want to know how that is just what we are going to explain here.

In this post, we will tell you about the entire process that we follow to help Eva and Alejandra rank themselves on Google with their website so that later you will be able to do the same with yours.

A complete SEO for lawyers guide. 

Table of Contents

    Why SEO for lawyers important for a lawyer

    If you are still not very clear about what this SEO consists of, we recommend that you start by reading this other post in which we explain it to you.

    But before fully entering to see how we work with Alejandra and Eva, first let’s go with the question that you will almost certainly be asking yourself: “ Is it worth investing in SEO? ”.

    The reality is that they were not very clear either. 

    Normal, especially considering that bad experience.

    Well, to answer you, we give you an example similar to the one we gave them at the time:

    The keyword “labor lawyers Madrid” has 2,800 monthly searches.

    In other words, every month there are 2,800 people looking for a law firm like Eva and Alejandra’s. 

    The problem?

    Well, there are also about 4.7 million websites trying to appear for that keyword. And only the top 10 (or even fewer) will show up on the first page.

    But if you succeed, you could be attracting close to 1,000 potential clients each month. Not to mention that SEO is one of the most profitable strategies that exist.

    In fact, according to the metrics of the businesses we have worked with (and we started more than 12 years ago), a client captured with SEO is 66 times more profitable than one with Facebook Ads.

    Of course… all this is if you do things right and work SEO correctly.

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    Let’s see how.

    seo for lawyers process

    How to optimize the website of your law firm for SEO

    Now yes, take paper and pen that we begin to tell you about the process that we follow with Alejandra and Eva.

    1. Do you know who you are targeting?

    This was the first thing we asked them when we started working with them: “ what audience profile are you targeting ?”. 

    And what they answered us was: “ Our clients are people who need labor legal advice ”.

    That’s fine… but it’s not enough.

    When we design a recruitment strategy for our clients we need to spin much finer.

    For you to understand, this could be the complete profile of your ideal client (they are fictitious data, but that way you get the idea):

    • Demographic profile:  its main audience is men between 40 and 50 years old with a medium-high socioeconomic status.
    • Need or problem you have:  these are workers who have suffered an unfair dismissal and want to challenge it, but feel lost and do not know how to proceed.
    • How your service helps them:  Eva and Alejandra offer them legal advice and explain all the options available to them.

    Now you will understand why we are so exhaustive. 

    2. Keyword search

    The next thing was to carry out a search for keywords or keyword research to find the terms used by Eva and Alejandra’s potential clients in their searches.

    And it is important that you understand the following.

    In an acquisition strategy, the main objective is to attract qualified traffic.

    That is, people who match the profile of your ideal client and who therefore may be interested in hiring your services.

    For you to understand, imagine that instead of targeting workers, Eva and Alejandra exclusively offered advice to large companies. 

    It is clear that these two profiles will make very different searches on Google. And therefore the keywords that would allow them to attract qualified traffic would be different in both cases. 

    That is why it is so important that you know your audience and their specific needs. 

    In this post, we explain the complete process to do keyword research and how to decide which ones you are interested in appearing on Google.


    3. Web optimization (within SEO legality)

    One paragraph before continuing.

    In this SEO ranking, Google is the highest authority. He is the one who dictates the rules and tells you how you can rank yourself and how you should not do it.

    In addition, Google has its own judge to check that you comply with the rules: the algorithm.

    This algorithm analyzes your website and, if it discovers that you are ranking yourself in an “illegal” way, it will penalize you.

    This is what is called an SEO penalty in Google jargon. 

    And beware, because just by receiving a penalty you can lose 50% or more of your visits and therefore of your sales.

    As we do not like to play with the billing of our clients, in the agency we only use On-Page SEO techniques, which is the way to position ourselves by respecting Google rules (the opposite would be SEO Off Page, which has a higher risk of penalty). 

    Here what we do is work on different aspects within the site that we want to rank, such as: 

    • User experience.
    • Indexing.
    • Navigability.
    • Etc.

    And we also created a keyword-based web structure, as we did to optimize the A&E website.

    These are the steps we follow.

    A. Organize keywords based on your search intent

    Search intent is the information a user expects to find when entering a keyword into Google.

    Following this criterion, the keywords that we had found in the  keyword research  were divided into two basic types :

    • Transactional:  the terms that a person uses when they want to hire a service like Eva and Alejandra’s.
    • Informational:  The user is looking for information to solve their problem, but does not yet intend to hire a lawyer.

    Then, starting from this division, we structure the A&E website as follows. 

    B. Create the main sections of the web

    First, we define the most important pages of the web. 

    That is, all those in which the services of Alejandra and Eva’s office are described, including:

    • The homepage.
    • The landing pages.
    • The contact page.

    We optimize these pages so that they are ranked by transactional keywords

    In your case, we use the homepage to rank the keyword “Labor Lawyer Madrid”, which is the one that can bring you the most traffic and the one that describes your service at a general level.

    We then create a specific sales page for each of the specific services they offer, including:

    • Lawyers dismissals Madrid.
    • Collective law.
    • Prevention of occupational hazards.
    • Etc.
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    In short, the simplest thing to do SEO is that each page of your website ranks for a single keyword. If right now yours is not built like this…  perhaps the time has come to renovate it. 

    C. Define a content strategy for the blog

    In this case, we have the informative keywords, which are the ones that a user looks for when he wants to solve a doubt. 

    In the case of Eva and Alejandra we have some like:

    • Trial period in the employment contract.
    • Extra hours of work.
    • Manage coincidence of holidays and holidays.
    • What to do in the event of a layoff.

    With these words, we attract people who are at the beginning of the sales funnel (that is, they have a need related to the service they offer in their office, but have not yet decided to hire a lawyer).

    If you want to know more about how the contents of your blog help you attract customers, take a look at this post.

    4. Sign up for Google My Business

    Finally, this cannot be missing if you have an office that offers services in person.

    For example, we told you that Eva and Alejandra work as lawyers in the Madrid area. And as we explained to them, Google has a very powerful (and totally free) tool for local businesses called Google My Business.


    google my business sample

    This is Eva and Alejandra’s Google My Business listing. It shows your name, your website, and your contact information.

    Where is this located?

    When someone searches for a “Madrid labor lawyer” the files of several businesses appear next to a map on Google Maps, and among them is that of A&E lawyers.

    It is a free service and it only takes two minutes to create your file. Easier impossible. 

    Would you like us to help you just like Eva and Alejandra?

    After a few months of work, we finally got the firm’s website to bring them, clients, again.

    Not only that, but thanks to a well-planned SEO strategy (following Google’s rules at all times) their page has not stopped growing and bringing them more and more new customers every day.

    If you also want to achieve the same as Alejandra and Eva, we can help you.

    You just have to click here and explain your case to us so that we can get down to work with your firm’s website.

    You take care of representing your clients we do the same for you in front of his honor Google. 😉

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