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For Google to know that you are a reference in your sector, you not only need to create content: you also have to worry about incoming links. Next, we tell you more about link building.

Brands, with the aim of improving web ranking and attracting more customers to the sales funnel, optimize their sites for search engines by implementing SEO strategies.

However, to be in the top positions it is not always enough to find the perfect keyword or have the best content, but it is necessary to apply strategies comprehensively and include techniques such as link building.

If you take into account that 90.63% of websites do not get organic traffic from Google, a good link-building campaign can rank you as an expert brand in the area and attract more traffic than you could imagine.

What is a link-building strategy?

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to yours.

This strategy aims to increase the number of incoming links and their quality of them, which allows you to gain referral traffic and increase domain authority (DA), two of the most important criteria in the Google algorithm.

In addition to this, a link-building service delivers good results shortly after implementing the strategy.

Key points of a link building strategy

Now, carrying out a link-building strategy is not as simple as it seems, but you will need to execute it if you want to increase traffic, especially considering the correlation between backlinks and organic traffic.

To do so, there are a number of key points you should consider :

1. Create content that generates links

One of the most popular techniques, and implemented by 76% of marketers, is the creation of content specifically for link generation.

One way to carry out this strategy is to create free tools that solve the needs of your audience and help you get backlinks naturally.


For example, HubSpot’s free signature generator delivers value to users and encourages them to share the link on other websites, because it’s a tool that can be useful to anyone.

By striving to create value for other users, you will become a valuable resource for them and they will not hesitate to direct links to your site.

2. Update old content

As time progresses, it is normal for you to generate new, more important, or updated content, so those already published are left behind.

However, some of this content can still be useful and deliver a good number of backlinks.

To retrieve its value, verify that the information is still correct and update it with recent data.

3. Request links to your content

A link-building strategy consists of giving and receiving, so if someone uses your content to complement information, it is valid that you request a link to your site.

To do this, contact the administrator of the referring website and politely ask them to leave a link to your content.

Also, take the opportunity to offer similar content that may be of help and thus establish a relationship of mutual benefit.

Why is link building so important for an SEO strategy?

First, when doing SEO, Off-Page and On-Page tactics are executed.

Although the ways of applying them are different, they are efforts that must be combined to make a good SEO.

In a simple way, On-Page SEO indicates to search engines what you have to offer and Off-Page SEO, what other sites say about you.

For example, with keywords, you tell the search engine what your content is about, and with link building, you tell it that you are an expert on the subject.


Thus, link building is crucial for SEO because:

  • Makes you an industry leader:  If someone you trust recommends you use a product because it’s been helpful to them, you’ll probably try it too. Something similar happens on the web, if other pages share your content, users will take the recommendations into account.
  • Increase your rating:  If Google detects that several sites leave links to your content, it will understand that you are a reliable source and will show your page to those who search for information related to certain keywords.
  • You attract more traffic: the better your rank, the more organic traffic you will get. In fact, the first position in Google results has a CTR of 28.5%; the second, 15.7%, and the third, 11%.
  • You gain domain authority: Domain  Authority (DA) is a rating from 1 to 100 that measures the authority, quality, and credibility of the content. The higher the reputation of the sites that share your links, the higher domain authority you will get.

Link building campaign examples

A good example of a link-building service is that of TripAdvisor, a website that provides reviews related to travel and accommodation.

In the tourism sector, user ratings and comments have a great influence on people’s purchasing behavior. Therefore, thanks to the value that TripAdvisor brings to travelers, many sites generate links to this domain.

And you, what are you waiting for to build links and enhance your SEO strategy?

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