7 tools to do keyword research for free

tools to do keyword research for free

The search for keywords or search terms is one of the most important tasks when you want to work and improve the SEO positioning of your website. Using free keyword research tools will help you achieve better results and increase your visibility in search engines.

Believe me that without a good tool to carry out keyword research, this is an impossible mission. How do you identify the words that users use the most when performing a search on Google? How do you know if it is a very competitive word? Do you know what type of content to create? What other related searches do users perform?

I know that if you have a website, a blog, or e-commerce, improving SEO is one of your priorities, so in this article, I am going to show you 7 free tools to do keyword research.

Wait a minute, what is keyword research?

Keyword research is the study or investigation of the keywords that are relevant to your website or your business.

The better positioned you are regarding those terms, the greater the visibility of your site and the greater the traffic your website receives.

The result? More traffic, more users, and more conversions.

Why is it so important to do keyword research or keyword research?

You will agree with me that keyword research is the main ingredient of any SEO strategy. If we don’t know what terms users use to reach our site, it will be very difficult or almost impossible to create specific content or optimize what we already have published.

Working on the search for keywords and using them correctly (and consistently) in your content is essential for users to find us.

It is no coincidence that when faced with a search term like the one I show you below, the first three Google results are these:

Google SERP preview

7 tools to do keyword research for free

Now that you know the importance of performing a keyword search on your website, let’s see what are the best free tools to do it.

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eye! If you have a budget, I encourage you to try a paid tool like SEMrush or SIXTRIX. In addition to offering you the best keywords for your business, they also carry out an exhaustive analysis of your domain, and your competitors and offer you content suggestions so that reaching the first results of Google is a little easier.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the most popular free keyword research tools. It really is one of the most powerful options that exist and from which we can extract the most information.

Using this tool is very easy. Simply enter the keyword on which you want to have information, select the country and language, and click on Search. Ubersuggest gives you the search volume, the level of competition, filter results, export them in an excel sheet, or add negative keywords.

ubersuggest keyword tool

In addition, it is very useful to find long-tail keywords from a certain keyword. You will be able to find related keywords and new ideas to write related content.


2. Keywordtool

As we do not always seek to position ourselves in Google, but on other occasions, we want to do it within a marketplace or on YouTube, Keywordtool offers us keywords on different platforms:

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • App Store

The free version generates up to 750 results related to the keyword you choose, enough to do a good search and keyword planning. What we miss in this version is the search volume of each of them or the competition. In this aspect, Ubersuggest is more complete.


Of course, the Pro version of this tool is very complete. In addition to the data about the search volume or competition, you will be able to obtain results by cities; a function that will come in handy if you are thinking of improving the local positioning of your website.

3. Google keyword planner

It could not be otherwise. Google also has its own tool to have new keyword ideas to use in your content and improve your visibility in search engines.

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As in the rest of the tools, add a term related to your products or services and Google will show you keywords related to your search.

Keywords Planner Google Adwords

Note: To use Google Keyword Planner you need to have an active Google Adwords account. You do not need to have any ads active, but you do need to register on the platform.

4. KW Finder

Another free keyword research tool that I really like is KW Finder. Once you enter the keyword for which you want to obtain results, the country, and language, a dashboard will open with all the information related to your search.

kw finder

In this case, you will see that, although the information is more detailed (search volume, competition, the difficulty of positioning the keyword, trend…), with the free version we do not obtain as many results of related keywords as in the other tools. Another point against it is that you have a limitation of 5 daily searches, which is normal since it is a free service.

5. Keywordshitter

The interface may not be the strong point of this tool, but it returns a lot of keywords related to the search term that we choose.

Unlike other tools to search for keywords, Keywordshitter does not show us the search volume, competition or the difficulty to position it in the Google SERPs, but you will really be surprised by the amount of related keywords that you can extract.


To get the results, enter the term in the box and click on “Shit Keywords!”. As soon as the search is finished, you will be able to download the list of keywords in .txt format.

Note: Although this tool does not show detailed information about each of the keywords it displays, you can always combine it with another tool such as KW Finder to choose the best keywords and optimize your content.

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6. Ninja Search Combination Tool

Unlike the rest of the tools that we have just seen, the objective of the Ninja Search Combination Tool is not to return related keywords from a term that we choose. In this case, you have to enter two groups of terms (List 1, and List 2) and the tool creates all possible combinations of keywords based on them.

Ninja search combination tool

And this is how the results of keywords are displayed that you can use to optimize the content of your website and improve your position in the Google SERPs.

7. Found

Another tool to do free keyword research is very similar to the previous one. With Found, you will be able to find new search terms from the combination of several words.

Although it does not provide detailed information about the keywords it shows, you can always use another tool that complements it.

Found ultimate keyword tool

To recap…

Do not leave the content strategy of your website, your blog, or your e-commerce in the hands of your intuition.

Having the best tools to do keyword research is essential and, if they are free, even better. I remind you of the ones we just saw in this post:

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. Keywordtool
  3. Google keyword planner
  4. KW Finder
  5. Keywordshitter
  6. Ninja Search Combination Tool
  7. Found

Now tell me, which one do you prefer? Do you know any other tool to do free keyword research? Leave me a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

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