How to do personalized video email marketing?

A personalized video is a type of video content that is custom-tailored for each one of your targeted audiences, be it prospective or current clients. Marketers use a plethora of methods to produce personalized content. For example, you can send pictures of your clients’ visits to your office or a greeting card for any upcoming holidays.

The more subtle use examples of personalized video content come in ABM (Account-Based Marketing), where videos tailored to your email subscribers or website visitors are sent when they first interact with your organization.

Videos are the go-to method for marketers nowadays. Salespersons are running to incorporate exclusive and personalized videos in their marketing strategy. New developments like one-click video creation automation have made it absolutely quick and easy to make personalized content for your clients. This tends to get their attention and develops a long-lasting relationship.

Why is there so much hype behind content personalization in the marketing sphere? The simplest answer is that people love it when they are given personalized attention; it makes them feel that your brand is actually solving their problems.

This is backed by hard numbers, as 78% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) think customized content is the future of email marketing. Further, 81% of marketers sense increases in customer engagement as the main advantage of personalized video marketing.

75% CMOs say that dynamic and personalized video content across platforms is vital. The only drawback, from the marketers’ perspective, is that producing personalized content takes a lot of time, with 46% saying that it is the biggest hurdle in personalized video marketing. But this has;e is worth it as 93% of organizations get higher conversion rates with personalized content.

According to a survey, 200 million users use adblocker. So as ads become more and more futile, marketers want better ways to increase consumer engagement. It seems that personalized video marketing may be the only way forward.

Perks of personalization

Adding video content to your email marketing campaign can give you the best possible results. It can substantially increase your sales and open your business to new customers. Using personalized videos in your emails can increase the open rate by five times as compared to a normal text email. It also raises customer engagement, as people who receive personalized videos spend 60% more time on your websites and landing pages.

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Research has found that the click-through rate in a personalized video marketing campaign is ten times higher than a typical email campaign. 

And personalized video marketing plans, in specific, have a 30% higher retention rate than other video marketing strategies. As the consumer gets tailored and customized content in line with their preferences, personalized video marketing is the perfect platform to drive up the conversion rates. Incorporating personalized videos in an overall marketing plan can provide you the chance to acquire new leads and connect to new audiences.

How to create personalized videos?

Personalized videos can be a rescue operation for your deteriorating communication with some clients and boost sales. Personalized videos include the user’s personal data like name, age, gender, and city. Each video created is targeted to a specific person. It should be a one-on-one conversation with that person.

The only drawback of personalized content is that it is very time-consuming and not very scalable. For example, if you want to send out a personalized video for the upcoming fourth of July, it is doable if you have a couple of hundred clients. But if you have thousands of clients, it is not very feasible.

Now imagine a different scenario, one of your clients has opted to leave you. You can send them a message saying that you had a good time serving them, and they are welcome any time they want to come back. So you have to choose your battles in personalized video marketing.

A customized video can be delivered to your users based on their preferences and product usage. Customized video emails can also be sent for testimonials, event invites, product demos, holiday greetings, and many other scenarios. Video analytics must be employed to decide how useful your video are and adjust your follow-up emails accordingly. 

The following are a few tips that will help you get started:

1)Define the targeted areas of sales 

Personalized content is best suited for situations where your consumers have to make a decision. During these instances, informative content helps them make the optimal conclusion. For instance, a user has signed up on your website and wants to decide between the given service packages on your website.

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A video detailing the multiple options with their pros and cons would be very efficient in engaging the consumer and helping them make a choice. This can also be done with the help of a personalized email or image, but the human is what keeps the customer truly engaged. 

2)Create short and catchy videos

The first step in video marketing is to determine what the customer wants. Using data analytics and customers’ personal information, you can understand what your customer is going through. For instance, if your software sales team has a new potential client insight, delivering them a cold call customized video is a terrific way of captivating their attention.

After the initial contact has been made, the consumer would be more inclined to make a phone call or schedule a meeting. The ideal time length for such a personalized video is between 30 and 60 seconds. These shorter videos are perfect for getting the customers’ attention and developing a working relationship. After a correspondence has been developed, you may want to send longer educational videos. These videos should answer frequently asked questions and explain any new services.

3)Make your email body and subject all about the video

It has been proven across multiple industries that video content improves engagement in an email marketing campaign. Even simply adding the ‘video’ in the subject increases the open rate by 20% and further decreases the unsubscribe rate by 25%. So you do not want to make the video seem like an extra.

Rather you want to make it the centerpiece of the email. In the email body, you need to position the play button at the start of the email. The play button should be accompanied by an intriguing thumbnail. After the user clicks the button, he should be redirected to a landing page where they can watch the video.

4)Measure and optimize

You should always ask, is the current approach working to get the desired result? Developing a thriving video marketing strategy is an issue of testing each component of a video and enhancing those components. If the videos are yielding high view counts, but if the conversion rates are low, then you might want to figure out what the issue is.

It can be that timing is off, the placement is not optimum, or the design of the CTA (Call to action) is not good enough. But the key is that you check each element, one by one, so as not to cause confusion about the root problem. 

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You need to define the standards and the parameters that need to be measured to quantify the success of the video content. These numbers will give you insights into your video content. You would be able to tell what kind of content your audience likes or dislikes. You can also use them to make adjustments to your overall marketing strategy.

5)Follow-Up after-sales

Data has shown that to convert a lead you need to follow up with your potential client at least 7. But if you sound scripted and robotic each of the seven times, your prospect, in all likelihood, would not buy your services. To get the best results, you need to think outside the box to charm the customer with a personalized email. You should not be talking like a salesman and praise yourself, but give the user the data and let them decide for themselves.

The Takeaway

A multiple-fold increase in conversion rates and sales can be expected by incorporating personalized videos in your email marketing campaign. 

In addition, it can aid in gaining new customers, achieving elevated brand awareness, and developing a deeper relationship with clients. 

Starting a new email marketing campaign can be a cumbersome affair. So you would want to consider getting professional help to get you started. Here are our suggestions:

1: Moosend.

2: GetResponse.

3: LeadPages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is video in email marketing effective?

Video Email marketing campaigns have shown the following results:
1: 19% increase in open rate.
2: Rise of click-through rates by 65%.
3: 26% decrease in unsubscribe rate.

What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

1: Acquisition Emails.
2: Email Newsletters.
3: Promotional Emails.
4: Retention Emails.

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