SEO ranking in Google My Business consists of local results based on the factors of relevance, distance, and importance of the companies.

Are you looking to increase the sales of your company or entrepreneurship? Don’t know how to incorporate digital tools to do it? Have you heard about SEO ranking and want to understand more about this concept? 

If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, then this content is ideal to obtain the knowledge you need.

But what is SEO Ranking?

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

That is to say, your company appears among the first results when users enter terms in Google that are related to the service that you offer or the products that you sell.

Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), in which you must allocate financial resources to the platforms to rank yourself, SEO consists of taking actions to boost your business organically. 

Some of them can be to use keywords -keywords- on your website, in addition to your page has a friendly navigation system that can be adapted to different devices.

If you have a physical store, a fundamental aspect to grow your popularity on the web is to use Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Basically, it is a system based on local results that are used so that a person who is close to your business at a certain time, appears information about your company when looking for a service or product that you sell.

This tool adjusts to certain geographical areas and makes your company appear both in the Google search function and in Maps. 

For example, if someone enters a “toy store” in one of these applications and you have a business in this area close to where the user is, they will access information about your establishment and how to get there.

What information can you add to Google My Business?

Now that you know minimally what Google My Business is, it is good that you also know that you can manage your profile. 

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The first step is to add as much information as possible so that users can contact you.

In addition to the name of your company and photos of it, the data that you can add on the platform is the following:

  • Type of business you have.
  • Phone number.
  • Direction.
  • Website.
  • Days and hours of attention.

The more information you add, the greater your chances of ranking among the top local results in your geographic area.

How are local Google results determined?

For your company to appear among the results of users, you must know what are some of the factors that influence ranking:


The importance of the information you add is due to the fact that Google, through its algorithms, is in charge of determining how relevant your location can be for a potential consumer. 

For example, if someone wants to find a sportswear store near their location, the system will probably prioritize those companies that clarify that they sell these garments against those that only mention that they sell urban clothing.


When a person searches on Google, they have the possibility to put the business they are looking for and also the area in which they want it to appear. 

If you write “barbershop Las Condes”, salons will appear in that area of ​​Santiago. However, if you enter only the type of business, the results will be based on the location of your device (if you have geolocation activated).


The system tries to transfer to its platform the popularity of companies outside the Internet. 

You know well that a restaurant with fifty years of experience is probably better known by people than one that is just starting out. 


In any case, the system is also based on information obtained from the web: your company may be talked about in the media or on specialized sites. In addition, the reputation that your company has on Google is essential.

Reputation management: another key aspect of Google My Business

Apart from the information you add about your business, there is data that users will see when they find your business on Google that will not be added by you, but by them. 

Depending on the shopping experience they have, they will give your company a rating (from one to five stars) and will be able to comment on the service you provide.

This aspect is key because the more positive evaluations you reach, the greater the importance that Google will give to your organization to place it among the main local results. 

Even if someone sees negative comments, they will probably decide not to buy from you. 

Given this scenario, it is crucial that your service or product meets customer expectations, which will generate a greater number of good ratings. 

In case the feedback you receive from a user is bad, you can respond to solve their problem and show the community that you care about your consumers.

Start right now to grow your business! With Google, My Business thousands of people can find your business every day. Design your profile and see how more customers begin to come to your company.

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