2022 SEO trends that should not be missing in your strategy

Top 8 SEO Trends 2020 That You Should Know

For those of us who are dedicated to digital marketingSEO positioning is one of the most important strategies to sell more and better online. However, all the time is changing. As in many digital marketing strategies, the first thing is to be up to date. And that is knowing the trends. For this reason, we want to tell you what the 2022 SEO trends are so that you and your company are not left behind. I kept reading!

Why is it important to know the 2022 SEO trends?

If we think about just a few years ago, we will realize that the panorama changed radically. Smartphones, online stores, business digitization, voice searches, artificial intelligence. The possibilities are many.

The world of SEO, like the rest of the digital world, is constantly changing. Therefore, you have to try to change with it so that your company is not left behind. For this reason, we want to tell you about the SEO trends for the coming year, 2022. Shall we start?

SEO Trends 2022

algorithms with artificial intelligence

First of all, one of the trends that are becoming important for 2022 is algorithms with artificial intelligence. And the most important of all of them is RankBrain, the new one from Google, which will be one of the most important factors in deciding the positioning of a web page in the  SERPs. It has been gaining importance since its launch in 2015.

Although not many details have been given about the internal workings of the algorithm, it is believed that the user experience is one of the factors that most influences decisions. This means that the click rate and the time users spend on a website will be determining factors of positioning.

SEO Trends 2022

website accessibility

On the other hand, it will be increasingly important to make our website visible and accessible to everyone. That is, inclusive. Therefore, we have to think about all kinds of needs, including those of people with visual or hearing problems. 

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The truth is that ensuring that the content of your website is accessible to people with functional diversity not only helps you climb positions in search results. In addition, it allows you to offer a better user experience. As we said in the previous point, this is not something minor.

In addition, collaborate by perfecting your brand values ​​to the maximum, improving the trust that your users have in you.

voice searches

On the other hand, among the main trends for 2022, the trend that we had seen in 2021 of having a greater relevance in Google voice search will continue. This is due to the great improvements that personal assistants (Siri or Ok Google) present in phones.

That is, in the near future, people will find it more convenient to talk to the phone to find what they want than to use the keyboard. Therefore, we recommend you start working on voice searches, framed within the increasingly relevant searches from mobile devices. How do we do this?

For example, it is possible to adapt your content by testing new keywords. Above all, including some that are more colloquial than the written ones. The when, where, and why are going to start being used since they are more typical of verbal language.

SEO Trends 2022

long content

Finally, it has been shown that long content ranks better in SEO. That is, articles over 3,000 words tend to get more shares and generate more traffic.

However, it is important that you know that this does not mean that if you add content that is not relevant to the article, it will improve your SEO. It is not about more words, but about quality information.

Also, to keep readers interested, it is important to break your content into smaller sections using  H2 and H3 headings, as this makes the content easier to read and understand.

So far we come up with the information on SEO trends 2022. We hope it has been useful to you. At The wind records, we believe that being up to date with trends can be the difference between a successful brand and an unsuccessful one.


What would you have changed in your company if you had been able to anticipate the crisis?

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