7 tips to choose a good domain name

How to choose a good domain name

To choose a good domain name is not an easy decision or one that you can take at the moment for another. When you want to register your brand on the Internet, you have to make sure that it is the best name for your business.

Why do I say this? Once you buy a domain and build your brand, it’s not easy to go back. People already identify you and recognize you with a specific name, so changing all this implies an economic and marketing effort that you must assume if you do not want it to affect your business.

But… What is the best domain for a web page? I know that the choice is not easy, but I am going to give you some ideas to choose a good domain name.

Go for it? Come on, let’s see what aspects you should take into account before choosing your web domain.

How to choose a good domain name: 7 factors to consider

Choosing a good domain name is a key piece if you want to start your own website. And not only for that. Even if you are not yet going to put your business online, it is necessary to protect your brand and prevent others from misusing it.

You may already be clear about which domain you are going to buy, but if not, think about it very well. The domain you choose will condition the future of your business and the reputation of your brand on the Internet, basically for two reasons.

  • The name will be associated with your brand for many years, so choose a domain that is attractive to your customers and potential customers.
  • The domain can influence the positioning of your website in search engines, something that can also condition the traffic you receive on your site.
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Clarified this, let ‘s see how to choose a good domain name for your website.

1. Choose a short and easy to write domain name

If it can be easily spelled, vocalized, and written, people are more likely to remember it. So if you choose a domain name that meets these characteristics, all the better .

A tip: Take your best friend or friend and do a test. After mentioning the domain only once, are they able to memorize it and write it without problems? If so, perfect, go to the next point.

2. Avoid special characters

This advice is closely related to what we have just seen.

To ensure that your domain and, therefore, your brand is in the minds of your customers and they can easily search for and recommend you, do not include characters that can lead to confusion.

Adding hyphens (“-” or “_”), the letter “ñ”, two consecutive vowels or numbers, can cause confusion and mistakes when typing it in the browser. And do you know what this could mean? Fewer visits, fewer customers.

Choose domain name

3. Can you add a keyword? Better than better!

It is something that you cannot always achieve, but if in your case you have the opportunity to do it, go ahead.

Adding a keyword relevant to your business when choosing your domain name is a plus point. Search engines will thank you and will value it positively when it comes to positioning your site in the results pages.

These are just 3 examples of how these brands knew how to choose a good domain name:

  • investopedia.com
  • smartbloggers.com
  • techcrunch.com

This does not mean that domain names like “idealista.com” do not work the same or better. Adding a keyword is not a determining factor for SEO, but all help is little.

Here we leave you some tools to search for keywords or keywords that can help you.

4. Is it an original name?

If you choose an original domain name, it is more likely that you will impact the mind of your target audience and they will remember you more easily.


Getting to be different and not one more in the market is another medal that you can hang.

5. Make it unique

If the domain name you want is already registered, forget about registering a similar one or using a different extension. As we told you before, try to be original to differentiate yourself from the competition.

6. Make sure that the domain does not belong to any registered trademark

We have just told you in the previous point. If the name you want to register is already taken, do not try to register it using a different extension, but not only to have an original and unique domain, but also to avoid legal problems.

For example, if you want to get the domain “micasa.com”, do not try to register your brand with the same name, but choosing a domain extension that is not registered as “micasa.co”. If it really is a registered trademark, you could get into legal trouble and, what is worse, throw away all the work you have done so far.

7. Do not stay only with the .com

There is no possible discussion about this. In Spain, the most used extensions when choosing a good domain name are .com and .es, but that does not mean that there are not many more options.

Although you do not want to use TLDs of the type .me, .club or .blog for your main domain, that is, the one where you host all the content of your website, I do recommend that, as far as possible, you register some of these new extensions . It is a way to protect your brand and prevent the competition or any user from wanting to misuse your name.

In conclusion…

Choosing a good domain name is vital to protect the online reputation of your business and be in the minds of your clients or potential clients.


When buying your domain , make sure it is a name that is easy to write and remember. Try not to create confusion when searching in the browser and try to be original in order to differentiate yourself from your competition. And remember, if you can include a keyword related to your industry, you already have a domain of 10! 

Now it’s your turn, tell us… Do you already have an idea in mind? Is it the first time you have to choose a domain name? Or do you already have a registered name?

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