What Is Digital Marketing? (Learn it in 5 Minutes)

Being aware of new trends in digital marketing will allow you to implement innovative and effective strategies. Therefore, you have to read this post.

During this last year, the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic proved to companies like yours the need to have digital marketing strategies adaptable to change. The uncertainty continues, yes, but nothing falls better than a well-implemented digital marketing plan.

What new technologies and trends await you next year for digital marketing?

1. The line between influencer marketing and e-commerce will blur

Sponsorships with key influencers have been around for several years, but the number of clicks required to take a user from discovery to purchase will decrease. Time is money and this proves it: potential customers will no longer have to follow a link that takes them to the e-commerce page since they will be able to buy directly from their feed. All while watching the video of your favorite influencer. Both Checkout (still in beta) and Instagram Shopping will make shopping online easier, according to Webscoot.

Instagram launches its redesigned Shop, now powered by Facebook Pay |  TechCrunch

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2. More community: they will boost user-generated content

Gen Z particularly wants to connect with your brand, not just your products. Having seen reviews, photos, live videos, and the famous unboxings, all content created by your customers — and not necessarily by influencers — drives 80% of generation Z to make a purchase, Forbes reports. Invite your consumers to keep talking about you and create a community!

Thus, your digital marketing plan will encourage conversation through challenges and dynamics and will not invest so much in sponsorships.

Digital marketingPeople at a concert.

3. Chatbots will continue to evolve in digital marketing

Solve doubts, recommend products and serve as automated guides: chatbots have proven to be an invaluable ally for e-commerce and digital marketing; the trend will not decline. However, Kirk Cheyfitz, co-founder of Story Worldwide, says that chatbots will need friendly and efficient scriptwriters to structure conversations to keep pace with the industry. The more sophisticated chatbots become, the easier it will be for your audience to integrate them into their buying routine.

What is a chatbot?

Innovate and minimize costs at the same time! According to   Outgrowcustomer service could save up to 30%  by implementing chatbots.

4. Voice search will not stop growing

Whether it’s Alexa, Siri, Google Nest, or Cortana, 150 million voice assistants were sold in 2020 globally. And wait, because that’s not all: According to Invoca, by 2022 voice search will become a $40 billion channel.

In Latin America only:

  • 32% of Colombians use their voice assistant once a day.
  • It is expected that 8,000 million voice assistants will be used in Mexico by 2023.
  • The Google Nest Mini has just arrived in Chile.
4 Reasons Why We Need Voice Search Analytics Now

It is not only about ease of purchase and accessibility for the visually impaired, but also about a new horizon full of possibilities for digital marketing. Since long-tail keywords more closely match people’s speech patterns, adapting your SEO strategy to voice search won’t mean starting your digital marketing plan from scratch.

5. Waste marketing will be more than promoting recycling

Your audience does care about taking care of the environment. In fact, according to a study recently published by GWI, 60% of Internet users would not mind paying more for a product if it is guaranteed to be eco-friendly.

Especially in the food and fashion industries, where consumption is frenetic and the amount of waste is enormous, trends such as slow fashion and conscious consumption continue to generate headlines. IKEA‘s Green marketing, Coca-Cola’s reporting on its waste management, and the recent H&M Conscious Exclusive campaign prove that brands no longer use this environmental strategy to appease their clientele, but rather as a window of opportunity to create a community where they trust the most. Now is your turn.

How Citizens Participate in Smart Waste Management? › Evreka

Digital marketing has a hard time keeping up with the world, or maybe it’s the other way around.

Have you already detected these trends in your industry? Which ones would you find more plausible to implement in your digital marketing strategies?


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