How to Determine Your Target Audience for SEO

With SEO ranking, search engines offer your content to users who are looking for solutions like the ones you provide.

When your business has an Internet presence, one of the main objectives is for the content of your site to reach your potential customers.

An effective way to achieve this purpose is to appear in the first search results in Google -through SEO ranking- in order to satisfy the needs of your target audience and create an audience that continuously feeds on your valuable information.

What is SEO ranking?

SEO -Search Engine Optimization-, also known as Search Engine Optimization, encompasses a group of techniques and strategies that seek to rank your website to achieve better viewing and thus be offered as one of the best options.

You must keep in mind that search engines will only show those results that they consider appropriate and relevant for their users.

By the same token, your content probably won’t reach just anyone, but rather those who can identify with it, and who are looking for answers that your site can provide.

6 Simple Steps For Improving Your Site's SEO & Ranking

SEO optimization and audience building

As you might suspect, if you use an organic ranking strategy well, you will be able to have and retain an ideal “captive” audience.

Here are 10 reasons why SEO ranking helps you achieve it:

1. The purpose of SEO is to optimize your content

It is a fact that search engines, such as Google, increasingly take relevant content into account, that is, content that is optimized to offer a real solution to users.

When you raise the quality of your site through SEO, the search engine gives it a better display on the SERP – the results page.

In this way, your business will appear in a rank that allows users to recognize it more quickly, increases the chances that they will enter your website in search of answers and, therefore, takes you directly to your audience.

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2. Allow your content to appear in results related to your topic

In order for your content to reach users, your website must first be analyzed by the search engine, and depending on what it detects, it will include it or not as a useful option to show in the results.

Now, without optimization techniques, your content will not appear in search results that relate to your topic.

SEO ranking allows your page to reach an audience that identifies with your content through the use of keywords or keywords.

If you have a company that sells pet food, for example, integrating search terms into your content such as “ puppy food ” is essential for the formation of your audience.

3. SEO optimization attracts a lot of organic traffic

With optimization techniques you attract a large number of users through organic traffic, where you do not have to pay for the rank reached in the SERP, unlike paid ranking, also known as SEM.

By implementing SEO optimization strategies, you get a continuous source of free traffic.

Keep in mind that obviously more visits can easily equate to more sales or revenue.

4. It will position you as an authority brand

With SEO (to a large extent) your ranking is based on your merits or the level of quality that you have managed to deliver to your site.

Having your audience witness it, optimization will lead you to establish yourself as an authority brand in the market.

In addition, the fact that search engines identify your authority on the subject will only continue to improve your rank on the results pages, and attract more traffic to your site.

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The authority of a portal is part of Google’s EAT principle: experience, authority and trust (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), an equation that you must keep in mind when you want to rank your content.

5. SEO encourages you to define what you offer

A fundamental step for the optimization of your content is to correctly define what you offer, who you are or what defines your site in general.

Depending on what you offer on your website, the search engine will be responsible for identifying what type of audience this information is linked to, and if it is appropriate to offer it within the results.

The degree of relevance you give to your content is also related to this aspect. This refers to the level of agreement between what you offer and what the user is looking for, and represents a fundamental element to achieve a good ranking.

6. Optimized content is based on the audience

Google -the most used search engine in almost every country in the world with 90% of the market- , has as a priority to connect the user’s intention with content that can be useful.

And this is what SEO optimization allows: that your content can be considered useful and reliable for the needs of its users when it enters the radar of search engines.

In short, SEO web ranking will be your main way to find your audience, an audience that identifies with the usefulness of your site.

7. It helps you increase the number of long-term prospects

SEO web ranking will represent a greater number of prospects for your business over time.

The reason is that connecting with the users who need your services is probably the best way to boost the effectiveness of your sales.

8. With SEO optimization your site becomes a means of interaction

As mentioned, one of Google’s priorities is to match its users with content that they want to interact with, highlighting aspects such as formatting and browsing experience, for example.


The fact is that, as a site of interaction, your blog can be a means of communication for you and your most frequent visitors, who recognize the usefulness of your services and identify you as a source to go to when they are in need of them.

9. SEO increases the flow of potential customers

In other words, a good SEO ranking equals a constant flow of potential customers .

Quality content, that is, content that drives ranking is the main attraction to the audience.

10. SEO optimization helps you distribute your content more easily

Search engines consider the format in which the content will be presented important, and it is one of the requirements to achieve a good rank on the search engine results page.

By optimizing the structure of your articles, you facilitate their distribution and consumption.

In short, SEO optimization is a brilliant strategy to apply for your web growth and development, considering that the creation of a captive audience is one of its main results.

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